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How to make your weight loss journey as smooth as possible

health-blogSometimes, starting a weight loss journey can be quite a lonely one. The sad truth is sometimes our friends and family don’t always support us or even take us seriously when we decide to do something about our weight. Often times, we feel isolated because of the lack of support. Fortunately, that isn’t true anymore.

With access to the Internet so readily available in so many forms these days, it easy to find a “friend” to help you along with moral support and even help from time to time. These “friends” can be found on any one of the hundreds of  health and weight loss blogs. It’s as simple as finding the blog that suits you and your needs.

But unfortunately we can’t be on blog websites all day and all night long in search of some moral support when you feel a little vulnerable and you are tempted to stray from your plan. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves and bolster our own reserves when it comes to being tempted with things like our favorite sweets chocolates, pastries or even take out. Continue reading

A few tips and a fat loss program worth looking at

healthy eatingWith so many weight loss programs available today, and with new ones popping up virtually on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to determine which program is best suited to you. If you’re like most people, and you are just slightly overweight, then simply taking a look at your daily eating plan might be the easiest way to go about losing those few extra pounds, but if you are of the group that is overweight to obese, then you understand what it’s like trying to find “the right fit” of diet for you.

So at the risk of introducing yet another new product, if you really are interested in finding out how to lose weight without the usual stress that is associated with it, then you might like this one. Just in case, before you run out and purchased this now, first check out the cruise control diet reviews page and read up on what other people who also are sick and tired of fighting the fat have to say about it.

There are only a very select few weight or fat loss programs available today that actually follow the correct “formula” when it comes to healthy diet plan. As you very well know, most diets exclude entire food groups, restrict you to certain portion sizes, expect you to where your food and count calories, and worst of all, way yourself every single day. Wayne yourself on a daily basis is got to be the absolute worst part about most diets because all it does is shine a light on the fact that you not losing any weight at all. And this is another one reason why people either quit before the program is finished, or just giving and eat what they want because diets just don’t seem to work anyway. So why bother! Continue reading

How acne affects your self esteem

acne-no-more-great-resultsAcne is a skin condition that causes unpleasant visible raised spots and reddened skin areas on the face and other places of the body. Once acne develops it becomes difficult to treat and is not something that is going to go away in a few weeks or even a month. The fact that these so called teenage acne spots could be with you for a long time can affect your self-confidence and the way you present yourself in a social situation. One product you should take a look at is called acne no more and guides you to treat your acne naturally.

Finding a way to treat your acne becomes more pressing as time goes on. Ideally you want to find a treatment that works in a more natural way with your whole body without having to use a chemical treatment. Acne no more treats acne holistically because its treatment program is entirely holistic. It is often true that someone who suffers from acne will have low self-esteem.

Having to face people and be aware that someone is looking at your face and that they are going to see your acne is going to make you feel self-conscious. The problem with being self-conscious when you are a teenager or a youth is that this is the time when you really want to look your best. How are you going to impress and find a boyfriend/girlfriend if you don’t feel good about yourself? Continue reading

Venus Factor, finally a program with women in mind

keeping-weight-off-with-venusOur parents are fond of calling us special creatures, telling us that we are unique and different from any other person out there. They are absolutely right. Outside of genetic differences with other people, it manifests in how we behave, and how we look to others. Because no two women are created equally, there will never be a one size fits all mentality when it comes to dieting and exercise. What works for one woman will be drastically different for another. Of all the ages, none have been kinder toward our health than the time of enlightenment. The statue of Venus stands testament to the ideal picture of feminine beauty. Men have always been attracted to this type of figure, to become the mother to another generation.

The statue does not represent women unfairly for a change, it is neither defined by a sick pack of abs that are more often seen on men, nor does it emphasize too many curves. It is proportionally perfect, and soft in all the appropriate places. It is neither bony nor plump, and remains the perfection attainable by all women in any time period. Today, we see models for women’s clothing sporting dimensions like a barbie doll. Not only is it unhealthy to attempt to look this way, but it’s also completely unrealistic and unnatainable by the majority of women. Yet this is how media targets us, and tells us we should look, so we deal with feeling inadequate and imperfect, in a constant desire to get something we were never meant to have. We have been deceived by women’s magazines, and models everywhere. Men don’t even want us to look like that, it does not suggest that you would make a healthy mother, so men will overlook women that are model thin as candidates for forever. The Venus Factor shows you how to become exactly what he is looking for, while also being in the prime physical state for good health as well.

Women have two times more leptin in their bodies as men. Leptin is the substance, naturally occurring in our bodies that regulates our metabolism and digestive processes, it, and it’s counterparts work together to help us maintain a healthy weight. The problem occurs when women become leptin resistant, which happens far more often than we realize. Our bodies no longer utilize existing leptin levels, and we struggle to lose weight, no matter how hard we try. We find ourselves going to extremes, pushing ourselves too hard, and no diet or exercise plan can possibly stick. Rats with higher leptin levels were obese, unhealthy and many ended up having type II diabetes. The rats with normally functioning leptin were healthy and suffered no ill effects at all. The key is in discovering how to make the existing leptin work for you rather than against you. Continue reading

Simple tips to losing weight and keeping it off


Weight loss and weight loss product reviews are probably the most researched term, for lack of a better phrase, on the Internet today. Anything to do with weight loss today is probably the biggest money making scheme and everybody is interested. That’s the real surprise considering the size of most of the population today. Everybody complains about their size and everybody seems to have an excuse or a reason, even worse justification for why they look the way they do, and refuse to take responsibility for their own appearance and size.

So in this oversized world that we live in, with its people and their over inflated egos and expectations, it’s difficult to make people understand that it’s not a question of simply eating less or adding a little bit of exercise to your lifestyle that will make you lose weight, but that serious changes need to be made in order for people to live healthier, longer lives. Yes eating healthy and going to the gym plays a huge role in weight loss and keeping the weight off, but weight loss starts in the mind not in the gym.

So having read that last sentence you probably wondering what in the world am I talking about! Well, let me tell you. It’s about changing your mind set. It’s about taking responsibility for your life. Your family’s life, health and overall well-being. Because let’s face it, if you’re a parent and your overweight, or worse, obese, you are not just putting your own life at risk at the end of the day, you could also be putting your children’s lives at risk. What I mean by that is, children look to the appearance for guidance, but they also look to them on how to live their lives. Always remember children are like sponges and you are their role models. Continue reading

Get the body you deserve with Adonis Golden Ratio

the-adonis-buildLet’s take a trip back into time itself, a time called the golden age of reason, a time when mathematical principles defined beauty and perfection.  The golden ratio, as expressed by Davinci in his Vitruvian man embodies the pinnacle of perfection in the human body.  It does not simply stop there however.  This ratio has been applauded in art throughout the ages, perfection, symmetry and the apogee of total success.  It’s not simply the image that is perfection itself, it represents the prime condition for any body type, no matter what age we live in.  The male form is meant to be in this state, for optimal health and wellness.

Adonis Golden Ratio is a program developed exclusively for men, to help any type of person to achieve the ultimate in health and perfection.  Women have been polled in popular magazines like Glamour, to see what sort of male body they prefer the most at first glance.  It’s a very real world sort of poll because nobody advertises their personality on their forehead.  Nobody is able to judge properly at first glance, yet it happens all the same.  It is said that most people have already judged someone within the first 3 minutes after meeting them.  They’ve got nothing to go on but what we look like, or how we speak.  It was proven that a lean body, in the golden ratio is still the preferred form that women everywhere go for.  Women are pre-programmed to seek out the most suitable mate to bear children with to ensure the prime continuation of the familial line.  Without even thinking about why they prefer this form over all others, it’s instinctual for them to choose the golden ratio.

Many workout and muscle building programs promise results quickly, still others tell men that they have to be bulky to be attractive.  Most men’s magazines push this so hard, that men don’t realize that it’s not what a woman actually wants at all.  Media has played a large part in defining what we are supposed to look like to be considered attractive, but it’s not always accurate.  Targeted sure, but not accurate.  Women don’t want a bulked up guy, they want a lean, toned, and strong man.  This body type also has been tested, and found to be the healthiest of all of them, as well as boasting a higher testosterone boost.  It’s nearly as though women can just sense this when they pick this body type.  So the question is, how to gain this lean body without getting bulky. Continue reading

The truth about how to lose weight

Tailor's Tape on a ForkEver wonder why you are so fat? And why it’s so freaking hard to lose weight? You work out and watch what you eat yet you stay fat! Why?

Maybe you tried the eat stop eat method or even the Atkins diet or any of the thousands of diet programs available on the net today. All it did was make you miserable and bitchy and generally unpleasant to be around, especially when there is food involved. And the cherry on the cake is that you are still fat. These stupid diets don’t work. None of them do. Frankly the only way to get rid of the weight is to do it the old fashioned way; eat healthy and get your fat butt off the couch and get to the gym or ride a bike. You can even just go for a long walk. But do something. The only other alternative is visit your doctor, but this is meant as a last resort if eating healthy and regular exercise does not work. THEN you need to see your general practitioner. He may send you for blood tests and check your thyroid and a myriad of other tests to see why you cannot lose weight.

So forget about the diet pills and “drinking” every meal. Meal replacement shakes are meant to replace snacks or one meal a day, not every single meal. Your body needs fuel to run, just like a car. Without it you will simply stop “working”. Your body and organs will shut down and you can wind up in hospital or worse.

Too many girls and women today are driven by what the media calls a perfect body and not by what nature intended you to look like. Granted, Mother Nature didn’t intend for you to look like a beached whale either, but that is either your own fault (pick you excuse: my boyfriend/husband is cheating on me, or has broken up with me or I’m just freaking lazy(if you are totally honest)) or something in your body just stopped working properly, hence the visit to the doctor. Unfortunately too many females choose the wrong way to lose weight. They start starving themselves on purpose, eating little more than a few lettuce leaves and a few thin sticks of carrots and drinking loads of water. Yeah, drinking water is good for you, but not when you are trying to “fill up” with it! Continue reading

Escaping On A Cape Town Wine Route That Will Be Treasure

Winelands - CopyAll of the tours are escorted by professional tour guides. They are not only recognized by local tour companies they are also registered. This means your host knows the country and the history of the estates that you will travel to. Fabulous historical stories are shared with guests to make the day fascinating. Most companies you book South Africa tours with makes the tour seamless. Everything is organized to perfection. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a Cape Town wine route that will always be remembered.

Departures can be booked in advance but it is not necessary in many cases. Most are available to handle large or small groups any day. The times may vary. It is good to check early if there are off-seasons to avoid disappointment. Customization of viewing different wineries and estates can also be provided to meet your expectations. The guides strive to please, and will not dishearten you. If you are looking to go through a tour group you wont have to look further than Cape Tours for all your needs.

A benefit is not worrying about transportation. The plans of getting to and from your accommodations to the start of the tour each day and back is arranged. Most of the riding will be in a comfortable luxury vehicle and in some cases a nice bus for larger groups. Being picked up and dropped back off at a hotel in the area is offered. This is a significant savings and reduces the need for asking for directions, carrying maps and getting lost. Traveling down a Cape Town wine route road visiting the wine farms and enjoying the breathtaking scenery becomes simple and trouble free.

Depending on one’s preferences, there are a variety of packages to choose from. Half day, full day, and multi-day tours can be arranged. Many can be all inclusive which means the accommodation, the transportation, and most of the meals will be included in the total price. Luxury hotels, to honeymoon suites for newly married couples are presented. Self contained units are also nearby for those that want care free plain and simple living. All locations are convenient to shopping and award winning restaurants.

The routes can take visitors to different locations. All of them are designed to be exclusive road journeys that will take you to renowned vineyards and large winery estates. Here the actual wine producer will be met. The uniqueness of their estate will be explained as you tour the grounds and facilities.

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The subtle art of flirting by using text messaging

textingWe have all been there; the sweaty nervousness whenever we even THINK of going up to The Girl and asking for a date, or a dance or just to say hi. The oily roiling feeling you feel in your belly and sweaty anxiousness can all be a thing of the past with a little time and “studying”; learning how to communicate with a girl without looking (and feeling) like a total loser. Wanna know how it can be achieved? Then I have just two words for you; Magnetic Messaging.

If I told you that you could be flirting with any woman you want and do it with confidence and still get a date out of it, maybe even more than one date? What would you say to me? You would laugh your head off and call me delusional or insane, possible even mean or cruel? To be 100% honest with you, there are guys out there who claim the same thing an even take it a step or two further (sometimes, in my opinion, a bit too far). They claim they will turn you into this super sex symbol in no time flat and teach you how to dress (the examples I have read about sound like something out of a cheap 80’s gangster movie!) and that’s just the beginning. They claim they will teach you how to ensure you land the all the way” card every time on the first date. I’m sorry, but does this sound like someone you want to become? Would your mother be proud of her son who can break a woman down so low and then use her vulnerability to swoop in and “save the day” just so you can get some? If so, then stop reading right now and go look for this guy online, because I swear, he’s out there. However, if you are interested in becoming someone YOU can be proud of and get a meaningful relationship or at the very least a girlfriend, then this is the right thing for you, Stick around to find out more on our magnetic messaging review and what it is and what it can do to change your life.

Magnetic messaging work by using the basic laws of attraction. Ok, relax; I know what you are thinking. You don’t have the skills but that’s exactly what we are going to give you!

To be able to implement the basic laws or rules of attraction, you have to understand what it means and what it is. Let’s look at the animal kingdom for this lesson. The mighty lion is the only male in a large group of females. How does he manage to “collect” so many females? Basic laws of attraction! He proves he is the alpha male and kicks any other lion’s arse who tries to move in on one of his ladies. He simply makes it clear is cooler and better and stronger than any other male. Pheromones also play a part in this, but we will get to that in a minute. I am not suggesting you rush out and buy a bottle of pheromones from the local witch doctor now and take a bath in the stuff, so cool your jets. So how do we apply what the lion does to us men? We don’t go around peeing on everything staking our claim to the territory, heaven forbid! But we can use the alpha male trick.

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The Tao of Badass: Does it actually work?


The Tao of Badass. What is it and does it work, really work? Well, it’s an eBook written by a guy called Josh Pillicer. He wrote this book to help regular guys get women. It’s a dating manual, for lack of a better word or phrase, that claims to rid these “Joe’s” of their cheesy lines and pathetic attempts at picking up women, and turning them into the master of the game of dating.

The Tao of Badass doesn’t use B.S to motivate the reader. It simply uses a few simple steps to teach the reader and not get off track. One chapter covers how to overcome problematic situations and how to handle them. Another will cover body language and how to use it to your advantage like how to present and project yourself towards a woman, how to position yourself to showcase your “good side” and draw her eye. In another chapter named “The System”, Josh talks the reader through a step by step process of how to use confidence and posture to capture a woman’s attention. Other chapters teach men how to handle just about any situation and becoming a “badass” and charming the ladies, even how to overcome an embarrassing situation and turn it around to your advantage.


Now just because the title of this book is ‘The Tao of Badass: Everything You Have to Know to be a Complete Badass with Women’ does not mean Josh does not try teach you to become a complete jerk! He is actually trying o help you guys become a little less stiff and awkward around women, and give a few basic skills on how to get a date or even a girlfriend by teaching real life skills in real life scenarios like awkward silences and embarrassing situations and how to handle them. He definitely does NOT teach you how to use stupid or cheesy pick-up lines! It’s a lot classier than that.

This book is based on common sense so you won’t find any unrealistic or cliché pick-up lines to try impress women (this would have the opposite effect!). It teaches simple and truthful concepts that women will find attractive, thus scoring you points, and getting one step closer to a first date.
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